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Patients with problem pain and physical disability are referred to the Kinley Institute. Treatment for chronic pain usually includes a combination following methods:


The treatment modality known as acupunture utilizes the insertion of very fine needles into specific key points in the body, creating multiple effects: neuro-physiological, anti-spasmodic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory. Also availiable at the institue is acupoint therapy without needles, providing stimulation to the acupunture point through various stimuli such as ultrasonic, electronic, thermal, laser and mechanical. Chronic pain in some acupuncture patients is completely and permanently relieved, while others receive partial relief. Acupuncture is also extensively ultilized for the cessation of smoking and in controlling weight and addictions.

Physical Therapy

Frequently, patients with chronic pain are restricted in their capacity for normal physical activity and excersise, in turn causing them to lose muscle tone, mobility, and flexibility. Appropriate exercises and physical therapy treatments (which may include such modalities as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, ultrasound, AC-DC currents, whirlpools, and Hydrocollator packs), etc. can relieve chronic pain and restore mobility. In addition, Back School for instruction, education, prevention, and rehabilitation of back conditions.


Many patients can learn to contol their pain with hypnosis, attaining the capacity to distance themselves from their perception of problem pain. Hypnosis is a treatment modaility also found to be of great value in stress-reduction and habit-control concerns such as the cessation of smoking and weight loss.

The Kinley Institute emphasizes that none of the treatment modalities are a cure-all or panacea; remarkable results have been achieved.

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