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If you want to be free from pain and illness the first step is yours. You can call us and have someone help you over the phone.

Examined and Receive Treatments

You can visit our website where we have a wealth of information on Oriental medicine and how it can help you. Stopping by the office offers the most benefits. You can describe your ailment, get thoroughly examined and receive treatments, herbal medicine or just advice. The choice is yours. A whole world of ancient healing practices and natural medications await.No matter where in NJ you live or work getting to us is a breeze. Our healing treatments are just a short drive away. Within minutes in our Oriental medicine center you will begin to feel better.

Treat a Variety of Illnesses

Herbs, tonics and the laying on of hands have long since been proven to be an effective way to treat a variety of illnesses. Through our acupuncture center we can stimulate your pressure points and help to create healing energy flow.

While these practices may be new to people in the Western world, they have been refined over thousands of years of use. Today the people of Clark, NJ can benefit from the experience of the people who have gone before them. These ancient Oriental treatments are gentle on the system. They can help the body to regain its natural balance. Creating such balance along with positive energy flow invariably leads to healing.

Payment for Services

Most patients have hospital or medical insurance, but there is a great deal of variation in coverage provide by different carriers. As a result of that variation, the Institute policy is that insurance assignments will be accepted only when payment for services has been approved in advance by an authorized insurance company Representative.

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